Opere Sonore

Enrico Ciresa was established in 1952. The background is in the production of soundboards for the musical instruments with the spruce of the Fiemme Valley. Opere Sonore invented by Fabio Ognibeni, is the innovative products of design with ancient roots in the tradition. Opere Sonore are exclusive acoustic loudspeakers, made to play as real musical instruments, a live concert at home. All the models are handcrafted with Fiemme Valley tonewood, the same one chosen in 17th century by the great violin maker A.Stradivari, for its outstanding acoustic properties.

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    Fabio Ognibeni

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    The peculiarity of Opere Sonore consist in the preciousness of the Fiemme spruce.

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    There is no electronic sophistication that is able to match the richness of natural harmonics.

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    Every step and every gesture come from tradition, experience, skill and passion.

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