Fiemme 3000

The bet of Fiemme 3000 goes back to 1993, when the company wanted to join the world of the construction industry with a biocompatible wooden floor, a healthy home is always a better house. What really has value here is the pursuing of improving the quality of living, the healthiness, the duration and the design. The wooden floor boards warrant an incredible dimensional stability, an increased flexibility and a great resistance thanks to the exclusive 3-crossed-layer structure. Fiemme 3000 protects the beauty of its wood with Bio Plus, an exclusive treatment composed only of biocompatible ingredients. The beauty of the 100 essences of Fiemme 3000 can satisfy every aesthetic request.

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    Luca De Marco, Davide Gabrielli, Vittorio Monsorno, Marco Felicetti

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    Biocompatible for life. A choice which is a synonym of nature, authenticity and culture.

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    Wellness to be shaped into infinite interior decorating solutions: staircases, boiserie, doors and furnishing accessories.

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