Franch Ervino

Since 1909, Franch is always been a family business that preserves the old traditions of the manual processing of the material. That’s why Franch are known as highly skilled Italian blacksmiths. All metals, as copper, brass, aluminum and bronze, can become something beautiful in their hands, like furniture, pans, cooker hoods, plates, lamps, tables and railings. Every object is a unique handmade piece meant to personalize every space. Today, thanks to the updated machinery, Gianpietro and Damiano – father and son – can combine the latest technology with the ancient knowledge.

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    Damiano & Gianpietro Franch

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    In the forge of the laboratory, wrought iron and steel are shaped to create any type of object.

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    Every handmade piece has the unique touch of the Franch family.

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